UPP Dual Containment

Product Details

For safely transporting fuel and oils the combination of a clear inner lining made of natural EVOH resin and HDPE make this ideal for a range of temperatures, pressures up to 10bar,and projects where the pipework needs to be underground.

The secondary pipe is a coaxial sleeve co-extruded over the UPP extra lined primary pipe and with the range of matching fittings has a 5 bar pressure rating.

UPP™ brand semi-rigid pipework has become known globally as the standard for watertight electrofusion welded pipework systems. UPP™ brand pipework utilizes the advanced electrofusion welding process to effectively bond system componentsincluding pipework and containment together into one, water tight system.

The system can be installed using a portable hand held fusion welder which adds to the flexibility and ease of the process improving efficiency and reducing on-site time.

For more information please see the overview brochure on the link above or continue to browse the website for alternative Dual containment products.