RSD-400 Residue pump also known as a puddle sucker has the ability to pump water down to approx 1mm while the remaining flood water can be swept into the pump for removal.

Stainless steel outer case, shaft and motor case. Cast iron motor lid, pump casing and volute. Equipped with non return valve on the suction of the pump to help stop any return of water.

Bottom plate made with a cushioned rubber to help against damaging bottoms of tanks. Complete with internal check valve and has to be primed if using in shallow water.

Twin mechanical seals, carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber. Complete with 10 metres of power cable.

Can be used with electronic control for automatic operation - See code 012-405 for 230v control or code 012-406 for 110v control

Description Stock Code
RSD-400 240V RESIDUE PUMP PUMP-012-400
RSD-400 110V RESIDUE PUMP PUMP-012-402