Double Safe Systems

Double Safe brings a new approach for dual containment hose design to the market and offers several advantages over alternative products.

The system is used where additional protection is required to help to ensure that risk of contamination to the environment is reduced. Common applications for the product are, for example, chemical dosing, chemical transfer and water treatment, tanker fill points, food and industrial processes.

The system has been widely accepted in the market place and is ready assembled for those who need to control their “on site” time and want an off the shelf offering. The standard outer, is made from an FDA approved PVC with a range of inner tubes to suit your requirements.

A key advantage of the system is it offers a wide choice of materials for the inner dosing hoses and the outer containment ensuring that chemical compatibility and other requirements are met. Our containment outers all have a visible “air gap” any escaped liquid can be seen and flow onto the alarmed area.

Once the alarm has been triggered the use of a catch pot or other drain off point allows for the necessary preventative and remedial works to be undertaken in a safe manner. The system can then be switched to the back up line or brought back into action as soon as possible.

Double Safe is a flexible Dual Containment system that is easily installed, as it can be pulled straight from the drum through ducting in one continuous length. It has a proven track record in many installations and with a range of custom fittings, catch pots and POA box’s alongside our extensive experience in working with key pump, valve, trace heating and insulation partners a true system solution can be implemented.

It is a cost effective system, offering the water treatment and fluid handling industry the benefits of a ready-made dual containment solution at a lower overall cost than many competing products.