GF Contain IT Plus & Double-See

Product Details

Double-See is Georg Fischer’s PVC dual containment system, it’s a fast and easy to install option with a complete selection of pipe, fittings, leak detection and special containment closure and termination fittings. Additionally an innovative “valve in valve” design is offered giving a fully pressure rated containment. Choose from any combination of PVC or CPVC for your carrier and containment and add clear PVC for areas where visibility is required.

Contain IT plus adds a wide choice of materials for the carrier pipe and prefabricated fittings and includes PVDF for the most aggressive media. All enclosed in a PE100 outer containment that uses familiar Electrofusion jointing with the benefit of fully sealed containment zones. The availability of special slip couplings and other accessories further enhance the systems flexibility and ease of installation. Double-See is available in sizes from ½” to 6” (2” to 10” outer) while contain IT plus is a metric system from 20mm to 225mm (50mm to315mm).

For more information please see the overview brochure on the link above or continue to browse the website for alternative Dual containment products.