Product Details

Whether as a compliment to or a replacement of traditional insulation materials our range of custom jackets are made to order to suit your application and can be used on awkward valves or equipment but can also be made to suit runs of pipework.

Thermal and acoustic insulation jackets are available along with high temperature, winterisation and leak detection jackets.

Benefits across the different ranges include:

Designed to fit closely around awkward pipe features, valves, vessels, flanges and actuators to maximise insulation and remove possible sharp edge hazards. Designed to insulate the application which it is applied to, ranging between -20°C to +950°C. Durable outer cloth can be supplied with weather and oil resistance. Jacket fastenings such as hook and loop, lacing hooks or turn buttons mean that a speedy removal can be achieved for the purpose of maintenance or repair. Insulation is fully sealed to avoid any airborne contamination and possible harm to personnel. Specific labelling can be provided so insulation jackets that are removed for maintenance, can be easily replaced.